You haven't truly explored until you've done it in a Sherp

$5,000.00 in Free Upgrades with Each Sherp Purchase.

Buying a Sherp is exciting. We just made it even more exciting. We’re kicking in $5,000.00 toward your choice of upgrades for each Sherp you purchase. That means you get to personalize it to fit your specific needs. There are lots of options to choose from including wraps, roll bar, winch, entry ladders, light bars, and much more.

It’s just that simple, you buy a Sherp and we’ll cover up to $5,000.00 in upgrades to make it fit you.

$5,000.00 for Each Referral Resulting in a Sherp Sale.

Easiest money you ever made. Share our Facebook and Instagram links and posts with all your friends and get paid for it. Of course, you can also refer your friends and contacts in other ways as well.

For a limited time, we are paying out a referral fee of $5,000.00 for each Sherp Pro, Sherp-N, or Sherp Ark purchased through us here at Rough Country Products. If you refer more than one buying customer to us, we’ll pay you $5,000.00 for each referral who purchases a Sherp. If you refer only one buying customer, but they purchase more than one Sherp, you get $5,000.00 for each Sherp they purchase. We will pay out this referral fee whether the purchasing customer is a business or an individual. Simply put, if you referred them to us and they buy a Sherp, you get paid.

This offer is good through December 31st,2020. This means that either the Purchase Order or the funds need to be received by us before this date.

This payment will be sent to you once we deliver the Sherp to the buying customer. The payment will be sent in the form of a Visa Gift Card via standard ground shipping. In the event that the purchasing customer is referred to us by more than one individual, we will only pay only the first person who referred them.

In order to qualify to receive this Referral Fee, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Like and follow us at “Rough Country Products” and “Dan Packer” aka “The Sherp Guy” on Facebook. You’re also strongly encouraged to follow “Sherpndan” on Instagram.
  2. When you share our social media posts with your friends, use #SherpPurchaseReferral to help us track response.
  3. Referrals via Non-Social Media methods will be required to provide a confirmation from the buyer of the referral before payment is submitted.